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First Aid In Remote Situations

If your work takes you into the great outdoors, or you are planning a trip to a remote location, it’s important to have a good foundation understanding of first aid. If someone has an accident and you’re a long way from help, your ability to respond effectively can make all the difference. Read on to find out how we can help.

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Dynamic and accessible first aid training for individuals, groups and businesses.


All our courses are accredited and adhere to strict HSE guidelines. Externally Regulated Ofqual qualifications are available upon request.


Top quality training at affordable prices. We offer high impact, cost effective courses with excellent discounts for group bookings. We will beat any price for equivalent first aid training!


Train onsite at your own venue, or come to one of our dedicated local training centers.

Outdoor First Aid Courses

Exciting First Aid Scenarios

Remote locations are are some of the most exciting and beautiful places to travel, but they come with significant risks.
You may be working at a great height, or a long way from navigable roads. Mobile phones do not always work, and help will not be always immediately available.

If someone has an accident or illness under these circumstances, you will have rely on your own resources to decide how to get the situation under control, and when to go for help.

An outdoor first aid course will give you the confidence to choose the best course of action in an emergency. It could be something simple, like treating a minor cut, or a severe and life threatening injury such as a head wound. Whatever the circumstances, when accidents happen, your first aid skills could save a life.

Staying safe in remote locations is as much about preparation as reaction. In the outdoors, this means wearing the right clothes for the weather, carrying enough food and always packing a first aid kit. With thorough planning, even if an accident occurs, you will be more prepared to deal with a first aid situation and improve everyone's chances of returning home in one piece!

All these skills are taught on our first aid courses, through engaging, interacive training exercises. We will explore a range of scenarios, including what to do if more than one group member is injured, and methods of evacuation from remote locations.
Our instructors have a huge amount of experience with real life emergencies, and they bring this first-hand knowledge to the classroom.

Learn skills that could help you save lives

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