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2 Day Outdoor First Aid

The Exeter-based 2-Day Outdoor First Aid course is the UK’s standard qualification for anyone working in the outdoors and will provide all participants with a Level 3 award. Anyone is welcome to join onto this course that wants to really push their understanding of outdoor and wilderness first aid.

This course has been designed for instructors, teachers and group leaders working in remote areas or outdoor locations. It is also suitable for people travelling or working in remote locations abroad. The 2-Day Outdoor First Aid course is recognised by all outdoor governing bodies, e.g. M.L.T.U.K, R.Y.A, B.U, B.A.S.I. and exceeds the requirements of a 16 hour course syllabus.

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What This Course Covers

First aid is a vital skill for anyone who works or spends time in the outdoors. You never know when you might need to treat an injury or save a life when help is far away.

We have years of experience in delivering high-quality and engaging outdoor courses. Our outdoor first aid courses have been created by our head instructors who have backgrounds in international mountaineering and tactical conflict medicine. This course is very hands-on and we use scenario training to reinforce learning and build real confidence and empower candidates to act when emergencies happen.

Challenging and stressful situations can get even worse when you are in harsh environments or unpredictable weather. Having the right skill set can make the difference between life and death for you and others around you.

This 2-day Outdoor First Aid Course is an advanced course for individuals who work as instructors or teachers in outdoors, remote or foreign environments or for individuals who work or spend time in remote locations and want to deepen their knowledge of first aid. This course goes beyond the recommendations of the HSE 2-Day Outdoor First Aid course syllabus and is valid for 3 years.

This qualification surpasses the syllabus requirements of the national standard 16 hour outdoor course and is recognised by all main outdoor governing bodies for instructors. If you have any questions about the relevant qualification for your area of work, please contact your governing body or give us a call today.

All of our instructors are highly qualified and experienced in dealing with real life emergencies and they share this knowledge in their courses.

If this course interests you but you think it might be too in depth for your needs, then we suggest you consider our Emergency Outdoor First Aid course.

Any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch – 01392 327 888

Course Contents
Additional Information

Course Prices

Bookings up to 5 individuals
£145 + VAT per person
Groups of 6 – 9 
£850 + VAT per group
Groups of 10 – 12
£930 + VAT per group


Your 2-Day Outdoor First Aid qualification will be valid for 3 years from the date that you finish your training. Should you wish to renew your certificate you will need to attend another 16 hour, 2-Day Outdoor First Aid course.

Should you require additional FAA & Ofqual external accreditation, we can provide this on any of our private group courses.

As FAA accreditation is processed externally, there is an additional £15.00 surcharge for each attendee you wish to regulate.

Should you require any further information on any of the qualification or accreditation process please get in touch.

Private Groups

We are happy to run any of our first aid training courses as private groups at either your venue or one of our training centres.

There are no additional fees for us to come out to you as long as some parking is available for your instructor. All of our normal prices apply and you can see a full list of these on our prices page. Click here

If you would like to make a booking for a private group or have any questions regarding this service please get in touch.

First aid courses in Exeter and Plymouth

How We Work

At First Aid Exeter we take every aspect of the service we provide very seriously. All of our staff are highly experienced first aid trainers as well as being fully qualified teachers. This means we can offer the very highest training standards that exceed all requirements set by the HSE. As well as standard accreditation we also offer FAA and Ofqual regulation on every single one of our courses. This ensures you are guaranteed the very latest in first aid techniques, first aid training material and first aid teaching practices.


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is the government body that sets the overarching rules on first aid qualifications in the UK. Over the last 10 years things have changed dramatically in the first aid sector in regards to how first aid providers deliver first aid courses. Advised by institutes such as the General Medical Council and the Resuscitation Council techniques are constantly evolving and improving. We stay at the head of the game by constantly reviewing our practices and in house training whilst also drawing on our own extensive experience working in a broad range of extreme environments. Our staff have working experience in professions ranging from combat paramedics to mountain guides.

HSE Training Requirements

As employers it is now commonplace to have first aid trained staff. This is to guarantee a safe working environment for both your staff and your clients.
Depending on your business you can have very different first aid requirements so we have various first aid courses to choose from.
As of 2013 the HSE made changes that primarily put an onus on the individual or employer to establish the most relevant first aid qualification for your particular environment and needs.
To establish the most relevant route for you or your business you should start with a risk assessment. This should highlight the most obvious areas of danger and from there the right course should be clear.
If you are unsure please get in touch and we will help point you in the right direction however we cannot provide legal advice and it will be up to you to make the final decision on which course you need.


All of our first aid courses comply with the latest guidelines from the Resuscitation Council UK and the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) Guidance on First Aid 2016.
We are fully qualified to provide accredited and regulated first aid qualifications. Should you require Ofqual regulated certification then we process your certificate through the FAA (First Aid Awards).
We teach varied, engaging content that is tailored to be relevant to your specific requirements and group.
We will continue to push the boundaries of exciting education with the use of new and innovative technologies.

FAA / Ofqual Regulation
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